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Lucas Oil Car in Final Prep for World Record Attempt

Geoff Stilwell Engine

United States (July 31, 2018) – It’s all systems go for UK driver Geoff Stilwell, who will make his World Land Speed Record Attempt during Bonneville Speed Week at Utah, in the United States of America next week.

 Final engine checks are under way.  

 Some of its engine specifications include:


Keith Black 500 cu in All Aluminium Block

Aluminium Cylinder heads

Valesco Crankshaft

Crower Steel Con Rods

Venolia Pistons

Crager Aluminium Intake Manifold

Kuhl 8-71 Aluminium Supercharger

ISKY Cam and Roller lifters

MSD Pro Mag 44 amp

Enderle & Hilborn Fuel Injection

Donovan Valves

The Lucas Oil 7551 Rat Trap Racing LSR car will attempt to beat the record for a BB/GRMR – blown B class motor/gas/rear engine/ Modified/Roadster. Over two runs Geoff expects to reach speeds of between 230-240mph.

The existing record is 212mph.

The runs will be made at an annual international meeting, which takes place on Utah’s world-famous salt flats.

Here's a statement from Geoff;

"Work has been at a fever pitch in our race Headquarters which is the “Lippencotte Speed Shop” in Burbank. Mr 400 (Al Teague) is now part of the team and spent this past weekend at the workshop helping to install the 482 cu in KB Hemi. The motor should have been in a month ago but we had issues with the block repair which have at last been resolved.

I was involved in assembling the heads for the motor and was using the “Lucas Assembly Lube” for my first time. I have to say what a revelation!! Just brilliant. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The motor has been put together with all Lucas Lubricants and I can see why it is the No1 for racers.

Anyway, during the assembly we discovered an issue with the inlet I made a trip to see Eric Hansen at “Stage V Engineering” who very kindly made me a complete set of “billet” rockers overnight and I picked them up in less than 24 hours from ordering them. We now have Stage V Inlet and Stage V exhaust rockers and boy do they look pretty!!

The heads are now on, complete with the ISKY cam and Isky Lifters which Ed oversaw the installation of. As you can see in the pictures the motor is now installed and the blower etc has yet to be fitted. In another change we have altered how we start the car having elected to set it up where we clip on the starter motor on the top blower pulley..just like a Top Fuel Dragster which makes starting the motor a lot easier than as before.

In addition I had my seat fitting and aside a few minor changes its all good.

So how are we going to get there?? Well we have our new trailer which is 36 foot long and I am just waiting on the art work for “Vinyl Wrap” on both sides. It will say “LUCAS OIL” Land Speed Racing….done in Red, White and Blue with the US and British flags Combined. Should look really nice when we are on the road. As soon as I have that I will send it on.

The Salt looks and is amazing this year and I just hope it stays that way. With over 400 competitors from around the world it is going to be extremely busy. We will be on the road to Bonneville on the 9th/10th August."