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Our New Product Range!

155mlNowAvailable 1000x1000 Resized 

Lucas Oil (August 30th, 2018) – A 155ml single shot sized bottle has been introduced for four of the best-selling items in the Lucas Oil problem solving additives range.

The smaller options are also more attractive on shelves and will add value through repeat sales.

Deep clean, octane booster, diesel deep clean and safeguard ethanol fuel conditioner are all treated to a smaller bottle size in a makeover that adds revenue opportunities for motor factors and retail sales outlets.

Deep clean and diesel deep clean are more intensive cleaning products.

They remove the tars and resin deposits that build up inside the fuel system over the long term.

Octane Booster is a high-performance additive used that protects high performance engines, delivers easier piston travel, lubricates rings and improves cylinder life. 

Meanwhile, safeguard ethanol fuel treatment protects fuel pipes, seals and other fuel systems components in older vehicles from attack by ethanol additives in fuels.


We've also started selling a smaller bottle of our #1 product, the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer! This new sized bottle comes in a 355ml has all the same qualities as the big

bottle, just at a lower price. 

355ml Stabilizer Resized