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New Stabilizer Product Added at AutoSport Show

New Stabilizer Product Added at AutoSport Show

(9th January, 2020) – 

Lucas Oil has launched a new engine oil additive, designed to increase engine protection, at AutoSport International 2020.

Autosport is Europe’s largest annual motorsport show. It’s taking place from 9-12 January at the National Exhibition Centre.

Low Viscosity Stabilizer is a premium synthetic engine oil additive that delivers a range of additional benefits. These help to control emissions, restore lost engine power and protect against dry starts.

It is designed for a wide range of lower viscosity synthetic engine oils such as 5w20, 0w30, 0w20 and even 0w-16, making it perfect for use in hybrid cars. Low Viscosity Stabilizer improves oil dispersity inside the engine. This reduces sludge and varnish production inside the engine block, which helps to reduce friction, improve performance and increase efficiency. At the same time, oil oxidisation is inhibited, which extends the protective lifetime of the oil.

A key benefit is that its use as an additive will not void a new car warranty and will not be picked up by viscosity sensors. In new engines, the build-up of carbon is prevented, ensuring that new car fuel economy and power levels and are maintained. In untreated or older engines, fuel economy andlost power levels are restored by the removal of pre-existing carbon deposits. A key feature of Low Viscosity Stabilizer is the ability to deliver protection against dry starts - the number 1 cause of damage to new engines.

Dry starts may occur after short or long periods of engine inactivity, when the oil drains down into the sump. Low Viscosity Stabilizer ensures that a protective film remains over each moving part, so that at the re-start, all moving parts are protected.