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Joseph Derocha uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for Chevy 350 V-8

Hi Lucas,

My name is Joseph Derocha and I own 41 Auto Sales, Inc. I recently drove 350 miles to pick up a vehicle we purchased in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the auto auction. When we arrived the Chevy 350 V-8 had a bad knock in the motor and very low oil pressure. So I had the option of trying to drive it knocking or a wrecker charge from Milwaukee to Champion, Michigan; a 350 mile trip.

We decided to add four bottles of STP Oil Treatment to the oil and started nursing it for home when about 35 miles into the trip we lost all oil pressure and it was rapping hard! We pulled into the nearest truck stop and went inside and they sold the product by the gallon. So I said it was worth a try for $22.

We drained the oil into a bucket and then added one gallon of Lucas to the crankcase. It started up and we had 30 pounds of oil pressure so we headed north and all the way home without any further problems.

We are going to have the engine worked on this week and I will e-mail you back the pictures of the damage.

Lucas saved me alot of towing expense and we are all impressed that we made it back because of Lucas!!!

Joseph Derocha

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