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Testimonials for Octane Booster

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Doug H. used to Lucas Octane Booster to help his Corvette pass Emissions Screening

November 22 2011

I would like to say a big thank you to Lucas Oil Products. My name is Doug Hunter and I live in Wasaga Beach On.

This was the year that I had my Corvette e-tested. Unfortunately it did not pass. I was distort as you can imagine since I had only put about 1,000 KM on my car this year.I came home and checked some things out, like my filter and other minor items. Then I remembered that I had won some Lucas Octane Booster from Mike Maguire who was at \Beach Cruise\ the Wasaga Beach Corvette Show with his Pace Car, so I decided to add it to my gas.

I took it for a drive and a few days later I was able to get it in for another test and it passed! Lucas Oil Products just saved me over $450 as it could have cost me that much just for them to check and see what was the matter.

Thank you Lucas Oil and I have already told a lot of people about your great products.

Doug & Mary HunterWasaga Beach Ontario

Jared runs Lucas Octane Booster with Every Fill Up

Just wanted let you guys know how good your octane boost product is. I've tryed many others on the market such as s.t.p. And super 104. Yours is the only one that actually stopped my car from pinging. I buy your stuff by the case. Just thought I'd let you guys know how good your product is. I run it in every tankful of premium gas.


Jared dyer

Mike Jackson uses Lucas Octane Booster in his

The only word that discribes the Lucas products is mindblowing. About two years ago my wife's 2000 neon developed a knock when cold starting. I was working at a local auto parts. A coworker suggested your oil stablizer, BINGO!! the knock all but disapeared to a very light tapping. Thus her car is still going. On my 89 GTI 3 weeks ago the oil cooler seal gave up and the car was driven almost a mile. No oil showed on the dipstick (not a good thing.The tapppets started making a god awfull noise from the top side of the enging and the oil buzzer and light came on to alert me. After repairs and oil put back in the crankcase hoping for the best. A few of the tappets sounded bad to the point of a miss. I drained a quart of oil and added a bottle of the oil stabilizer. After all parts lubed up, the bad tapping went away, and the engine still runs without missing a beat and no smoking. Third, I've tried adout six octaine boosters to get the results I wanted with no real success or minor results. So, Just for grins I tried a bottle of the octane booster, and put about a 1/4 of a bottle in on a half a tank of gas. After driving around abit, the throttle started to get sensitive and I had to let up on the pedal, acceleration picked up. On a 10:1 comppression engine, octane is important to compresion. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!! NOW, it runs like a true vw 16 valve 1.8 . Keep up the real products and our autos will stay alive.

Brad uses Lucas Octane Booster in 1986 f-150 x;t

I started using lucas octane booster in my truck in the early summer. I have a 300c.i. six with an offenhauser intake, edelbrock 600 cfm carb,accel super coil, crane truck cam, and a k&n filter, and boy did this product make a difference. It made me more power. I will keep on using this product.

Shannon W. uses Lucas Octane Booster

The Lucas products are unbelievable! I keep my truck on the road all the time for work and with l over 160000 miles my truck runs like new with the use of Lucas products. I have always added the oil stabilizer at each oil change, the fuel system cleaner at each fill up, and now I decided to try the octane booster. WOW!!! I was a little sceptical at first about it but with the name Lucas on the bottle I decided to give it a try, boy am I glad I did. Don't get me wrong, I din't go from street truck to track truck overnight, but there was very noticable difference in performance. Thanks Lucas, keep up the good work!!

David Hester 2004 Dodge 1500 Quadcab 4x4 Lucas Octane Booster

For some reason I let my friends talking into drag racing my 2004 Dodge Hemi 4x4. After a couple of trips a guy at work wonted to race me. He has a Nissan Titan 2x4. On the way to the track I knew I would need some help against such a lighter truck. So I went buy the local dealer and seen the Lucas Octane Booster, For race use only... I was sceptable but tried it. Normaly my truck only ran 10.4 second runs (1/8th) mile. But after vthe fuel treatment I actually beat the Titan w/ a 10.005. What a great product. Thanks Lucas...

Randy Davis uses Lucas Octane Booster in 2002 Ford Thunderbird

First, I need to say that I have never taken the time to write a testimonial about any product ever, and I'm getting old enough to where that should mean something. I definitely feel that yours is worthy of this testimonial.

I own a 2002 Ford Thunderbird which I drive as an every day car and which is directed to use 91 octane or "higher" fuel. With the local 93 octane fuel, I notice detonatiion, ping, and low performance on initial throttle push. The car runs well on 100 octane, but who can afford to spend $5 per gallon every time they fill up their automobile.

YOUR PRODUCT DOES THE TRICK.... and more than that, I've tried all the other octane boosters provided by my local AutoZone, and yours is the only one that truely makes the difference.

When I add your product to my gas (i.e. 1 unit to a tank - 15 gallons), my car runs great. Instant throttle response, great tone out the exhaust, etc., etc. It's an excellent product and it's nice to spend just a few more pennys on the dollar to get the same results as spending $2 for every $1. Thank you for your product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Randy Davis

Thanks Lucas Oil!

Thank you for your great products (Racing Octane Boost). Our local AutoZone here in Bowling Green, Ohio handles your products and they just so happen to be one of our sponsors of our two car drag racing team (1982 Ford Mustang 35W and 1982 Mercury Capri 306). Duane and Cathy at AutoZone were very helpful with your product. This was my teams’ first experience with Lucas Oil and definitely won’t be our last. We had lost our team’s second entry (the Mustang) at the season opener due to an exploded transmission. We put all our funds to work on the Capri. After unleashing your product into the wild world of drag racing, (at the end of the season) it went right to work for us! It helped On-Top Racing finish out the 2004 season with a top ten in points in the K&N Street class; which also led to a specialty race held during a week long Halloween event at Norwalk Raceway Park. We were 1 of 16 top competitors. Our 1982 Mercury Capri RS was going rounds; the car settled down, felt stronger, pulled harder and was very consistent said Jody Beckford the owner and driver of the car. We finished the event with a runner-up!

I also got to experience this in the drivers’ seat the following day. I had had my best E.T. of 12.38 at 112 mph. It was awesome. We do believe that with your product it made these 8.03-second 1/8 mile passes and the back-to-back 12.37-seconds possible for Jody.

Thank you Lucas Oil for your Octane Boost as it was a major part of our success this year. And will be next year, too!

On behalf of On-Top Racing – Thank you.


Randy Rush, Crew-Chief

Mike Bradford Uses Octane Booster in '70 Mach 1 Mustang

Our 1970 Mach 1 has been in the family since my wife purchased it as her first car in 1977. We met and married in '80 and rebuilt and mildly modified the engine in 1982. It has run like a watch since then. The engine has a compression ratio of 10.5 which in hindsight is a little high, but it does pop out the exhaust nicely. Last night I was going to the drag races at New England Drag way with the car, which saw it's last strip run in '83. So, it's mostly street driven with only 93 octane gas and lead replacement occasionally. While at Auto Zone in Concord NH I was at the counter and saw your product. It was an impulse buy but you now have a lifetime customer!!! The last time it ran that good, I spent half a paycheck on race gas. I never knew how sluggish that gas made the car's performance. Unbelievable!!! I haven't tried a lot of other octane boosters, but hell, why do I have to. The most noticeable difference was when the gas pedal was mashed. Instant power, no ping, and it shut off without any dieseling. Well, I just wanted to drop you folks a line and if you ever need a nice looking grabber green Mustang for an ad somewhere, give me a call.

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