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Testimonials for Engine Oil Stop Leak

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I used the stop leak in a 23 hp Kawasaki and it stopped the leak 100%.

I have used Lucas products for many years in my vehicles and small engines in my lawn business. Its hard to beleive it works but it really does. I used the stop leak in a 23 hp Kawasaki and it stopped the leak 100%. I use the stabilizer in everything. I recently changed oil in a commercial hand mower and didnt have any Lucas so I didnt use it. After 5 min the engine started knocking (never heard it before) I then changed oil again adding Lucas and the knock is gone completley. Lucas will always go in all of my engines, Great product.

-Chris Cravens

Your product is phenomenal and would recommend it to anyone.

I have an 86 dodge ram and used your engine oil stop leak. Your product is phenomenal and would recommend it to anyone.

Shane Anderson

Tom used Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak to fix a rear main seal leak on his Cadillac STS

Having sold your products for years in my positions with Pep Boys and CarQuest,and using the Oil Stabilizer and Fuel Treatment regularly,your true worth hit home recently when I needed a leak stopped in my engine. I drive a Cadillac STS with the Northstar engine and over the last year it developed a slight leak from the rear main.This past spring,it got worse to the point that I had to get it fixed.To no surprise as I searched for someone to do the job,I was met with outright refusals,and costs of over 1 thousand dollars! With an oil/filter change coming due (145K miles),I visited my local CarQuest and grabbed a bottle of the Engine Oil Stop Leak and added it to the change. Less than 400 miles later, NO LEAK ! Thank you Lucas for saving this unemployed car parts guy a bunch of cash! I'll contonue to support your products every chance I get.

Tom KlimaskiSuffield,Ct.

Karlene Says Lucas Stop Leak Blew Her Mind

Hi, i would like too say i use all lucas products and they are great. There is one product that blew my mind and it's the lucas oil stop leak. i put this bottle in my pickup that leaked a gallon a day. When i took it for a ride and came back i put a piece of cardboard down to see if it stopped and its totally dry no leaks. i had to check the dipstick to make sure there was oil in the engine so im very happy and would highly recommend this too anyone.karlene delude

Simon Is Another Satisfied Customer

Just to let you know I purchased your stop leak and have noticed my slight Oil Leak has stopped. The Engine seems to perform better as well, much smoother with good pick up from the turbo. A satisfied customer, will use again.Kindest RegardsSimon

Bryan Cragun is amazed with Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak

I have never responded to any kind of testimonial before but I had to this time. I am very skeptical when it comes to stop leak products but my 1995 Nissan 200SX SE has 215,000 miles on it and has had the engine rebuilt.

It was leaking oil so bad I was forbidden to park in the garage or even on the driveway! The part store I went to highly recommended the Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak product so I thought, what the heck? After I change the oil and adding the Engine Oil Stop Leak, I parked in the same spot everyday and did not see any oil at all!

I was so amazed and confident in the product, I park where ever I want now! Awesome! Bryan Cragun

Gary Shannon aka Axion uses Engine Oil Stop Leak

We just installed a 2nd engine in our 2001 Xterra, that has sat for 6 years with only 20,000 miles on it

As worried as we were that the engine might have sat too long our mechanic suggested 1 quart of Lucas Oil Stop Leak to give it new re-break in protection and help it opperate with less friction!

After 5 thousand miles the new engine sounds and runs like a brand new one!

I can't stess to much about the added protection Lucas oil products gave this engine after sitting so long!

Thank You!!



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