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Testimonials for Power Steering Stop Leak

There are currently 66 testimonial(s)

The power steering joint was leaking your product is amazing!

I Have Dodge 4wd p/u The power steering joint was leaking your product is amazing! NO more leaks. Last Month My Tranny Wouldn't Shift I Used Lucas It Was Like Magic It Shifts Better Than Ever ! Those other Brands Are Junk & I didn't Think Yours Would Be The Same, But I Was Shocked at The Results Using Lucas! I thought my Tranny Was Shot & A Mechanic Told Me He uses it with every trans. Service Thank You For Such A Great Product !!!

Dudley Jenkins

The noise stopped almost immediately.

I purchased my very 1st Lucas product two days ago. I bought and added one bottle of power steer stop leak. I did not have any leaks but had seen on YouTube how this product cures the typical mustang power steering groan noise. The noise stopped almost immediately. Drove a few miles and it was gone. And now after reading all the testimonials I see many purchases of Lucas products coming in the future. Thank you so much. -Randy

I drive a 1998 VW Jetta and was having issues with the power steering.

I drive a 1998 VW Jetta and was having issues with the power steering. Tightness and squealing. I drained the fluid reservior and added a full bottle of your power steering stop leak. AMAZING STUFF!! Steering is smmmooooth and no squealing! Thank you for such an outstanding product! -Jon Preston

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak saved Jim D's 1981 Chevy truck

I own a 1981 Chevy truck which I purchased in 1996 I still own the truck and have restored all major components (tran, rear axle, drums & rotors, steering colum,) for my truck. When I bought the truck the power steering leaked, I just drove the truck as it was. I installed a new steering pump and kept adding fluid. The power steering gear box would always leak. The price for parts & labor totaled about $700 or $800 dollars. Just a month or month & ½ ago I purchased a bottle of your power steering stop leak. I thought I might as well give it a try. It works. After I and ½ bottles of your power steering stop leak my gear box stopped leaking. This saved me a great amount of money!

Thank you very much Jim D.

Lucas Oil Power Steering Stop Leak Saved Barclay's Vacation

Lucas Oil, your Power Steering Stop Leak product saved my vacation.  I was in Big Bend National Park in the desert of west Texas when I noticed a power steering leak.  I was able to find a gas station that sold power steering fluid, so I bought a bottle of fluid and refilled my resevoir.  By the time I got to my cabin for the night, my power steering resevoir was dry.  Fearing the worst, I was able to  locate a grocery store where I found your product.  I was skeptical that it would work, but i filled up and was able to continue with the rest of my vacation without the worry of having to have my car repaired.  After a 975 mile trip back home, still no leaks. 

Thank you Lucas Oil.Barclay C Nix

James is a life long customer after saving $$$$ of dollars by using Lucas Oil Power Steering Stop Leak

3-17-2012To the Lucas People,

I just wanted to thank you for making Power Steering Stop Leak. I put it in my 77 Mercury Bobcat Wagon (\Pinto Wagon\) for a hi pressure leak in the Rack & Pinion. It would squirt 15 feet. 7 treatments slowed it to a seep, so I gave it another & that stopped it.

That was a month ago. This car is drove hard on a very bad pot holed mountain roads with steering turned lock-to-lock. $250 for a new Rack & Pinion, $70 for alignment and several hours of my labor saved all for about $25 bottle of your product.

Sincerely a lifelong customer,James D. French

Larry says thanks to Lucas Oil Products for saving his power steering pump

Hi, I had a problem leak with my power stering thought I had fixed it and filled it back up with lucas power stering fluid. But sure enough the hose repair failed again had to drive over an hour to get home to fix and replace the hose this time filled it up again with lucas power stering fluid and so far no noise from the pump. I belive without your product I would have ruined the pump. So just wanted to thank you folks for such a great product. I have read these stories before and always thought under normal conditions it would help, but this was an extreamly harsh condition and it worked so I just had to let you folks know and say thanks again.

I used it in my 2004 dodge grand caravan sxt.Larry Western

Thomas thanks Lucas Oil Products for correcting the Power Steering on his Audi A6 Quattro

dear lucas oil, i own a 1997 audi a6 quattro which, while still in fine condition, was beginning to show signs of age w/210,000 miles. the power steering was winding more and more and with the miles performance was starting to lack. anyway, the local auto shop promised me that your power steering stop leak would solve my problems and that a nice additive upon my next oil change would be the lucas oil stabilizer. i bought both. within days the power steering quit making nose and is now perfectly quiet. along w/that there is a definite increase in performance and gas mileage due to the ooil additive.

thanks so much for your products. the \howdy audi\ thanks you as much as i.sincerely, thomas mohr

Arlene is amazed with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

I have a 1984 mercedes that was having transmission and power steering problems. My husband bought it used and it had set for 10 years needless to say I thought a real expensive fix. We tried both products and were amazed at waht they accomplished. Thank you for saving my car and a quick fix.

Thanks for making this product.

Arlene Levy

Dave Says thanks for Great American Products and Service that saved him $1300 with Lucas Rack & Pinion Stop Leak

I had a small leak on a 10 year old cars rack and pinion. I found your Lucas rack and pinion stop leak product at Walmart, I called your 800 number and got hold of a real person, they answered my question. I installed the product in the power steering and it worked instantly! Saving me $1300 ! Thanks for a great product and service by Americans in the USA!


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