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Barry Karakkas made to the finish line at the Mint 400, despite his engine cooking at temps over 300 degrees all day.

Well we finished the Mint 400, we had some steering issues Friday night after having to push the truck though tech and contingency but our team got it all fixed up late Friday night. 7211 started the race next too Caspino and had a good battle for the 1st few miles then the oil temp pegged at 300 plus. We had to back it down to keep it cool, then the idle screw decided to back its way out and hold the throttle to about 4400 rpm so we came into Checkers pit 2 and they fixed it for us! Thanks guys!!! We came around 11th on the 1st lap and I got out and Kevin Davis got in for lap 2 and 3.

Lap 2 Kevin lost rear brakes and a axle cap lost one of the three bolts so it was leaking a little. Back to checkers pit two for more help! Thanks again! Kevin came around to main pit where I fixed the rear brake line, put fuel in and off for Kevin and Travis again.

He had a radiator fan go out and one flat in where Travis Whitmore changed out in under 3 min as he normally does ( thanks Travis like always). So Kevin stopped once again at Checker pit 2 and Ricky Lee took a new fan out and with their help installed it in the truck , thanks for the 3rd time!!! Kevin brought 7211 around in 10th after the 3rd lap and I got back in to finish the race.

On the 4th lap I was making up some time then came into check one and high centered the diff in the silt, thanks to the BITD truck for pulling me out, that was the only issue other than still 300 deg oil temp, ( thanks to Lucas Oil for holding in there all 400 miles and didn’t burn a drop). We made up 2 spots and ended up with an 8th place finish. All in all a good day had great pit stops and thanks to checkers for their pit support too. Sorry I didn’t get to stop at checkers on the 4th lap but 7211 was running good that lap.

I want to thank all my guys for busting there butt Friday night and sat to get us to the finish line. Travis Whitmore ( co-rode the entire race), Kevin Davis for doing a great job driving 2 laps. Pit guys Steve Nelson, Ricky Lee, Ronny Thomas, Robert Moruzzi, Gregory Effin, and Katie Moruzzi for keeping score and timing all day. Without them we couldn’t have done it!!!

Thanks also to all my sponsors, Pro Comp Tires and Wheels, Mastercraft, Fabtech and Dirt Logic Shocks, Light Force, G&J Aircraft, J.E. Reel, Eibach, TCS, PPM, Odyssey, Spal, K&N and Superior Gear.


Barry Karakas

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