Chain Lubricant

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Chain Lubricant

Lucas Chain Lubricant was developed to be a long lasting, all weather, all temperature lubricant and protectant for chains, sprockets, cables and open gears. It is water resistant and contains Moly for extreme pressure situations. It should be applied to any nuts, bolts or components that are subject to long term exposure.

Key Benefits

  • Water resistant
  • Contains extreme pressure additives
  • Superior protectant



  • #10014 - 1 Quart (Case of 12) - 25 lbs
  • #10025 - 5 Gallon Pail (1 Pail) - 40 lbs
  • #10036 - 55 Gallon Drum (1 Drum) - 440 lbs



Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet - English
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet - English

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Bob Kish uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for Ford Ranger

Dear Mr. Patison,

Back in June, I purchased a 1999 Ford Ranger with the 3.0 V6 engine. As time went onI found out this vehicle wasn’t very fuel efficient, and didn’t have enough guts for driving the hilly terrain here in Pennsylvania.

When I went to my local Auto parts store, my friend who runs the store told me about the various Lucas products. The first item I tried was the Lucas Fuel Treatment; I was willing to try anything to better my gas mileage. Also during the time I used this, I kept in touch with Dale Wilcox of your company, which he would tell me how to use your product. As time went on, I thought it was just another “gimmick.” Being out on total disability my income isn’t the same as it was when I worked as a State Officer (Not asking for sympathy) and with the price of gas, this limits me on where I can go. Well as time went by, I went from 14-15 mpg, mostly local driving consisting of short trips 12-14 mile round trip to local stores, being that I live out in the country, and now I get 17-18 mpg, which I also started to use the Oil Stabilizer when I had my oil changed. I noticed an increase in power. I am finding out that using the various Lucas products, that I did really help, and proved that it wasn’t just another “gimmick” in such products.

Very Satisfied Costumer. Thank you for your time.


Bob Kish


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