Fuel Treatments

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Fuel Treatments

Product is specifically designed to prevent cold filter plugging in diesel and bio-diesel fuels. Manufactured with the highest quality components to provide maximum performance

Lucas Complete Engine Treatment is a unique formulation that cleans and lubricates multiple systems in your vehicle. When added to fuel, it cleans and lubricates all components from the fuel tank to the cylinders. When added to your oil, Lucas Complete Engine Treatment cleans your engine and forms a protective barrier against heat and friction, improves oil flow in cold weather and extends oil life.

Lucas Deep Clean is blended with an exclusive Lucas additive package and specific carrier fluid that contains no diesel fuel, kerosene or anything else that can be harmful or useless to an engine.

A better solution to prevent gasoline break-down during storage. Safe to use in all grades of gasoline and in all 2 and 4 cycle engines. Easy to use! Application rate, 1oz. to treat 1 gallon.

Lucas Fuel Treatment is designed to increase power and fuel mileage and also lower exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion.

Lucas Octane Booster - A Real Octane Booster! Tested and proven to deliver three times more boost than most other brands.

Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers was developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol based fuels.

Robert Rodgers uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 2004 Toyota RAV 4

Before a trip to AL for a NASCAR race, I added a bottle of fuel treatment like I do before any long trip. This time, the auto part store suggested Lucas Fuel treatment so I added one bottle before we left. WOW, after a day of driving I noticed that the car was running a LOT smoother and had the power it had when it was new. After returning, I reviewed my gas economy from the trip and I found that even using the AC and spending a lot of time idling in the NASCAR traffic, I was getting the MPG that I got when the car was new. I then compared it with the economy from our trip to DC in February when I was not using the AC or stuck for hours in traffic and I found that the product I used back then did very little for my fuel economy. I actually got about 3 MPG more form your product with the AC on and stuck in traffic! I am going to add your product to my service schedule so that I remember to add a bottle every month to keep up the fuel economy as fuel prices continue to shoot up.

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