Transmission Products

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Transmission Products

Formulated with the finest base oils and special Lucas additive package, Lucas Oil's Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner is designed to PREVENT slipping, leaks and wear to provide smooth, quiet operation while conditioning seals to extend the life of the transmission.

Lucas Oil Multi-Vehicle ATF provides today's transmission with excellent oxidation stability, foam resistance, rust and corrosion inhibition properties, wear protection and heat resistance while providing smooth shifting and eliminating chatter.

Designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Excellent for high performance transmissions. Greatly extends transmission life and fluid life in truck and passenger car use. A real money-saver.

Lucas Synthetic 50 wt. Trans Oil is designed especially for heavy duty truck transmissions but can be used in many other applications.

Lucas Transmission Fix is a non-solvent formula that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks. Use in any transmission for preventative maintenance.

Shane Bland uses Lucas Transmission Fix for Dodge Truck


I have a small repair shop in Florida servicing marine and automotive. I only recently found your products, at a parts house. I was introduced by a customer who drives a Dodge truck. His transmission went dead and badly needed a rebuild. He asked me if I knew anything of Lucas porducts and could it get him a few more months on his transmission. I laughed telling him that transmission wouldn't get him home much less another day of service. He was adamant to try it so I told him to just hand me the cash he was about to throw away on the bottle!

Well, he tried it. Six months later he is still driving on that transmission! This unit was finished, 3000 RPM to make it move at a crawl! In a diesel no less. Lucas made it perfect in less than five minutes.

Another of my customers claims he gets five miles to the gallon better in his Toyota with it. So I had to try it. My Kawasaki now shifts like it never has! Your product is truly amazing! Now it is in every machine I run, as it always will be. I tell my customers, "If you don't believe in it, you haven't tried it!"

Thank you,

Shane Bland


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