Heavy Duty Trucking

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Heavy Duty Trucking

A clean, inexpensive alternative to grease for 5th wheels and sliders. Lucas 5th Wheel & Slider Lube is a clean, easy to use solution to the problem of dry 5th wheels and slider rails.

Lucas Hub Oil was formulated to stop leaks in steering axles and trailer hubs on heavy duty trucks.

Lucas Magnum CJ-4 Oils are blended with premium "Lucas" additives that help maintain the life of the emission control systems as required for regulatory compliance.

Manuel's Freightliner rig odometer reads 1.052,000 MILLION miles an counting.

TESTIMONIAL: the family runs a bottle of Lucas on every oil change cars, trucks, gasoline/diesel recently started my 05 dodge Cummins (147,000) my uncle runs it on his 06 dodge Cummins (190,000) on his 98 jetta TDI (300,000)  and on his Freightliner rig odometer reads 1.052,000 MILLION miles an counting still running strong NO INFRAMES NO OVERHAULS!

His goal is 1.500,000 miles. Numbers dont lie Lucas is some good stuff.

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