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Car Care for Lockdown

Slick Mist

(16th June, 2020) – 

Lockdown product success stories have included car care products that have been able to provide instant results for consumers with time on their hands, according to Lucas Oil.

The Anglesey-based US additives, lubricants and car care products brand reports that sales of its Slick Mist Instant Shine, Interior Detailer and Tire Shine are among some of the more retail-focused brands that have move off shelves driven by consumer markets over the lockdown period:

“Instant is the operative term,” says Dan Morgan,” director of sales and operations at Lucas Oil Products (UK).”All three are designed to deliver instant showroom-ready results, are easy to use and provide immediate customer satisfaction.”

Trade users for products like Slick Mist Instant Shine include vehicle showrooms, who value the professional finish. Bodyshops exploit the silicon-free quality for use on recent paint jobs, while motorsports teams appreciate its fast application in wet or dry conditions.

It’s hoped that the consumer-demand for car care products will continue as lockdown-easing conditions are extended and that trade use will return quickly to its previous levels.

Slick Mist