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Lucas Oil Applauds Repair Initiative by National Motor Museum

Lucas Oil’s Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner at the National Motor Museum

(October 15, 2020) – 

Lucas Oil has applauded the initiative of the workshop at the National Motor MuseumBeaulieu, which is opening its doors to offer the services of its mechanics to the owners of other vintage cars. Beaulieu’s professional team of mechanics can provide decades of experience and can expertly maintain customers’ cherished cars.

“It’s a very astute move in difficult times. We wish them every success,” says Dan Morgan, Sales and Operations Director for Lucas Oil Products (UK).

For nearly half a century, the workshop engineers have kept the National Motor Museum’s prestigious vehicle collection in tip-top order, tackling Land Speed Record breakers, legendary racing cars, unique luxury limousines, film star cars – they are all there. 

Now the workshop engineers are offering the same quality of service to private owners of historic vehicles, from veteran and vintage cars all the way up to pre-1970s classics.

National Motor Museum Manager and Chief Engineer Doug Hill said: “We are proud to be offering our skills to owners of older motor vehicles, helping them to keep their much-loved vehicles in fine working order. Between us, we have built up a collective experience of more than 100 years, working on some of the finest motor vehicles in the world. Now we are delighted to be helping other enthusiasts to look after their own cars and preserve their historic importance.”

While the ongoing maintenance of the museum collection of over 280 vehicles is a labour of love, the workshop team is now also welcoming new engineering challenges. As a result, the engineers are able to apply their renowned high standard of workmanship to specialist maintenance, servicing and expert repairs. 

Lucas Oil’s Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner is among the brands and products currently used by the workshop. It protects the seals and rubber pipes in the fuel systems from the damage that can be caused by ethanol, which is routinely added to modern fuel blends.

The National Motor Museum’s vehicle collection is world-famous. Along with its extensive range of motoring artefacts, photographic images, there is a specialist reference library and a film and video library.

For tickets, further details and to make enquiries about taking your vintage car along to the workshop, see the contact list below.

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