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Lucas Oil Builds Opportunities at A1 Trade Show

Lucas Oil Products Synthetic SAE 5W-30

(14th April, 2022) – 

US oils to additives manufacturer Lucas Oil used its appearance at the A1 Spring Trade Show in Nottingham to announce the availability of its Car Oils, Racing Only Oils, Hot Rod and Classic Oils to the trade organisation’s retail membership. In addition to fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral-based oils, the sales arrangement also includes oils suitable for the latest cars with low viscosity specifications.

There is also a specific range of additives designed to support the oils range.

Dan Morgan, Lucas Oil’s director of sales and operations said members were quick to take advantage of the special show offers.

“A1 members have had access to Lucas Oil’s additives for some time now, but we are excited about new arrangements that include our oils. All products are already in the A1 warehouse with packaging that’s very attractive from a retail perspective. Meanwhile, our brand-building activities will provide more and more revenue opportunities for the A1 membership over time.”