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Top Racing Oils Assist Top Fuel Bike Win

Neil Midgley

(24th May, 2022) – 

UK Top Fuel Bike rider Neil Midgley rode to victory on his Puma Engineering machine at the Auto Cycle Union UK Championship event, at the Santa Pod Raceway.

It was the Lucas Oil-sponsored rider's first event win on this multi championship winning machine. After qualifying in second place, Midgley powered to consecutive wins against the third placed qualifier Al Smith and then the first placed qualifier Steve Woollatt.

The machine, which is racing under a collaboration between Cannon Motorsports and King Racing, runs on Lucas Oil's 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil x supported by a range of additives such as Heavy Duty Engine Oil Stabilizer and products such as Extreme Pressure Grease, from the workshop lubricants range. Slick Mist Speedwax, from the bike care range, ensures that the bike looks as good as it moves.

Midgley and the team race again next week, in the first round of the FIM European Championship "Main Event" (Santa Pod Raceway) on the 27th-29th May

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