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Race Retro Mission for Lucas Oil

Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh Park

(23rd February, 2023) – 

Lucas Oil will use its appearance at the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh Park this weekend (Stand 2-126) to promote the benefits of using additives as preventive maintenance products as well as using them as problem solvers.

Over three days (24-26 February), Race Retro brings together over 24,000 fans, drivers, preparers, traders and enthusiasts. The show covers a wide range of racing disciplines including, formula and circuit racing, rallying, hill climbs, touring cars, single marque series and more.

Preventive maintenance is an often-overlooked concept by some garages and many car owners. It’s a discipline that’s going to become more important because older vehicles will remain a significant part of the vehicle parc for quite some time to come.

The Lucas Oil additives product range provides garages and retailers with preventive maintenance and problem-solving solutions in a bottle.

At the show, technical staff will be on hand to pass on technical tips to racing teams, drivers and racing enthusiasts, too. They will learn how additives can help car owners and racing teams to save money throughout the racing season, by using specific products over the long term. These benefits also apply to their own personal cars. By becoming more aware of the brand’s ‘problem solvers’, which can also provide long term practical solutions, they can use additives as solutions that can help to extend component life make routine maintenance more affordable.

Visitors to the stand can meet Lucas Oil sponsored driver Tony Lynch and demonstrate their gaming and tactical driving skills by competing against his virtual lap time. He is the reigning Retro Rallycross Championship and also secured the 2022 Retro Class title.