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Lucas Oil at the Race Retro Show in Coventry

(2nd March, 2023) – 

Lucas Oil says its debut at the Race Retro Show in Coventry last week was a success on several fronts:

“We generated lots of interest in the Lucas Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner and the protection it provides against the damage that can be caused by E10 fuels,” says sales and operations director Dan Morgan. “They liked that there’s already a product that can protect their cars and that if kept in the glove box, it can be added to an E10 fuel if they cannot find an E5 fuel.

He hopes the response from the show will help pull more business through for retailers and motor factors who already distribute the Lucas Oil brand of oils and additives:

“Visitor numbers were strong on all three days. Our Lucas Oil Racer Discount Club attracted drivers from a wide range of racing disciplines. Many were new to the brand, but many more were reconnecting and were keen to learn about what else the Lucas Oil range of additives could do for the racing and classic car markets,” added Dan Morgan.