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Nia Lloyd-Williams, Financial Director Lucas Oil UK and Jon Murden, Chief Executive National Motor Museum

Nia Lloyd-Williams, Financial Director Lucas Oil UK and Jon Murden, Chief Executive National Motor Museum

(14th November, 2023) – 

Jon Murden, Chief Executive of the National Motor Museum, said that looking after the Museum’s collection of nearly 300 vehicles is a passion, but calling on the support of other experts in automotive maintenance makes practical and economic sense. He added: “This new partnership is a sound investment for both the Museum and its magnificent collection of motor cars, motorcycles and vans.”

Dan Morgan, sales and operations director of Lucas Oil, said 
“The agreement recognises that using additives to protect such a high profile fleet offers many practical benefits.”

Financial Director Nia Lloyd-Williams added:
“We hope that the partnership will go on to provide many mutual benefits at many more shows and other motor industry events in the future.”

The Museum workshop already uses a range of Lucas Oil additives. These help to protect the engines of the precious fleet. Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner has been protecting many of the engines and their fuel system components from damage caused by the high ethanol content of modern fuels. Road trips for some of the vehicles are few and far between. Fuel Stablizer added to the fuel tanks will protect against fuel octane degradation, which can cause problems when engines are eventually re-started.

National Motor Museum

Family owned and still run by its founder Forest Lucas in the United States of America, Lucas Oil is one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry. From its UK base in Anglesey, North Wales, the range of premium oils, greases and problem-solving additives is distributed around the world The Lucas Oil name is fast becoming one of the world’s leading consumer brands.

The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is run by a charitable organisation founded in 1972.

The museum houses around 1.9 million items and features a range of exhibitions that tell the story of motoring with the help of its priceless collection of motor vehicles. These include the 1935 US-made Auburn 851 Speedster that was present on the Lucas Oil stand.