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Gary Hedlin uses Lucas Fuel Treatment in 1998 & 2005 Dodge Dakotas

As a skeptic by nature, I try to stay away from so-called "wonder products" that promise you the moon but deliver nothing. But after I got a tank full of some low quality gas while on vacation, I was looking for anything that would help my 2005 Dakota run smooth again. After a relitive recommended your product, I tried your fuel treatment and the results were incredible! The engine ran smooth as silk and I actually gained 2mpg while towing a trailer back from South Dakota.

As if that wasn't enough to sell me on your product, I decided to try it on my 1998 Dakota that had over 200,000 miles on it. After filling up and adding a plentifull dose of fuel treatment, it only took a few miles for me to notice a smoother running engine both while driving and at idle. But when I looked at the odometer and did the math, I was absolutly shocked to see that my milage jumped from 18 to 23 mpg! By far, this is the best fuel treatment I have used, especially after using a more expensive fuel system cleaner since I bought the truck in 1998!

Bottom line, Lucas Fuel Treatment WORKS!

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