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Problem Solvers & Utility

Long lasting and super slick - allows tools to run easier and much longer. Two ounce Tool Box Buddy is exactly as the name implies - this is a superior lubricant packaged for the tool box.

Lucas Anti-Squawk/Anti-Shudder Additive was developed to specifically address squawk noise in gear and transmissions of agricultural equipment at initialstart up.

Lucas Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner is manufactured with the highest quality components to provide excellent performance without leaving any residue.

Lucas Chain Lubricant was developed to be a long lasting, all weather, all temperature lubricant and protectant for chains, sprockets, cables and open gears.

Lucas Contact Cleaner is blended with a unique blend of solvents, cleaning agents and propellants designed to remove oil, dirt and moisture from contact points.

Lucas Diesel Deep Clean is a new technology designed to reduce particulate matter in diesel particulate filters (DPF), which helps extends the life of the equipment.

A powerfull, solvent-based cleaner, in aerosol format. designed for cleaning the air intake system of diesel engines.

Developed to prevent jamming and over-heating in large machine guns and high caliber rifles. Great for recreational hand gun enthusiast.

Use on: nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, sliding doors, bicycle chains and a million other uses around the home, garage, shop and office!

Lucas Power Steering Fluid is a general purpose product. It is formulated with special base oils and additives that add lubricity to help stop wear and improve performance.

Lucas Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners is formulated with the finest base oils and a special Lucas additive package that outperforms all others, providing smooth, quiet operation while conditioning seals to prevent leaks.

It is 100% GUARANTEED to stop seal leaks in power steering units or your money back. Totally corrects rack and pinion problems.

Lucas DOT 3 Brake Fluid is a high quality blend of polyethylene glycol ethers and additives which meet or exceed the industry minimum dry boiling point of 401'F.

Use on nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, guns, fishing reels, sliding doors, motorcycle chains or a million other home and shop uses where other products just aren't good enough.

Randall B. gets improved his 2006 VW Jetta's Fuel Mileage from 35 MPG to 42 MPG

I recently bought a used 2006 VW Jetta because I travel long distances and needed a vehicle that got better fuel milage.  The engine only had 78,000 miles on it, but it ran rough and it always downshifted going uphill.  I was disappointed to find that I was only getting about 35 MPG.  My first thought was that the previous owner had not performed all the necessary maintenance so I took it to the VW dealership and had the transmission fluid and filter changed, changed the fuel filter, and had the tires rotated and balanced.  I changed the oil (did not know that you had VW compliant oil so I used Amsoil), without any benefit.  I intended to use the Lucas Fuel treatment, but when I mentioned that to the service tech at the dealership, he said that it was not a good idea, because he had seen engines damaged by using it.  I found this hard to believe because I have used in all my other vehicles with good success.  However, based on that recommendation, I waited.  After 3,000 miles and no improvement, I stopped at an autoparts store and bought a quart of fuel additive, and put the whole thing in the tank at the fill-up.  I drove about ten miles and started to notice some smoke from the exhaust, and I became concerned that maybe the service tech had been right about engine damage.  But then the smoke diminished, but was still evident, and the engine started to run smoother.  100 miles later, no smoke, the engine runs smoothly, it no longer downshifts going up even steep grades.  I now get at least 42 MPG and the car is wonderful. 

Now I add some at each fill-up.  Thank you for a simple fix.

Randall Barron

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