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Contact Cleaner

Lucas Contact Cleaner is blended with a unique blend of solvents, cleaning agents and propellants designed to remove oil, dirt and moisture from contact points. Lucas Contact Cleaner is compatible with metals and elastomers. It is especially effective in motorcycle applications to clean electrical parts that have been exposed to high levels of oil, dirt and debris. This non-chlorinated, CFC free 45% VOC requirement for electrical contact cleaner formula dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Read entire label before using this product.

Key Benefits

  • Removes Oil, Dirt and Debris
  • Quick Drying Formula
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Race Proven
  • Compatible With Metals, and Elastomers

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  • #10799 - 14 Ounce (Case of 12) - 13 lbs


Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Brittany gets up to 33 MPG in her 2001 Buick Century with over 203,000 miles

My husband and I just returned from a trip from Florida to Indiana and back. Our 2001 Buick Century has over 203,000 miles on the odometer. Just before the trip I changed the oil and replaced on quart with Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. With each tank of fuel I added Lucas Fuel Treatment. My gas consumption ran between 30-33 mpg. Needless to say, I am convinced your products work and will continue using them in all my vehicles.


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