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Geoff Stilwell Sets New Record During Utah Speedweek

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Utah Speedweek (August 28th, 2018) – 

A car sporting the Lucas Oil shield has just set a new land speed record at the World Famous Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah USA during “Speedweek”.

At 8.08am on the 15th August Geoff Stilwell from the UK driving the 7707 Salt Shaker Landspeed Race Car averaged 258.679 mph over two runs. The car, powered by a supercharged and injected 482 cubic inch all Aluminum engine, achieved a top speed of 265.626mph.

The aim in 2018 was to set the Landspeed record in its class. The 1927 Model T Rear-Engine Roadster, which retains the original tin body, relied on Lucas Oil products to maintain the stability and level of reliability demanded for success in such a hostile operating environment with day time temperatures exceeding 120F in the sun.

Products used by the Salt Shaker Team included Lucas Racing Oil (70 wt) Gear Oil, Transmission Oil, Engine Assembly Lube and even Slick Mist Speed Wax. In addition the team use the Lucas Oil Diesel Injector Product in the team tow truck.

“I have to thank Lucas Oil for their amazing support on this project and I am so proud to put Lucas Oil in the record books. It would not have happened without Lucas Oil,” says Geoff Stilwell. “The car care products even helped us win the award for ‘Best Appearing Crew’ at the “200mph club” banquet held during speedweek.”

Lucas Oil is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of oils, workshop lubricants and problem-solving additives. The brand is associated with almost every kind of motorsport from grass roots Moto X to track racing motorcycles, cars, dragsters and monster trucks.

You can follow the team on Facebook:-- search 7707 Salt Shaker.